MRket: Rotenier

MRket: Rotenier


robin rotenier

One of the booths that I was most excited to visit was Rotenier.  The links themselves are always in good taste and the craftsmanship is spot on.  I have mentioned the brand before and have seen a few of its pieces at Bergdorf’s.  However, I really wanted to meet the artist behind the beautiful cufflinks, Robin Rotenier.  My favorite design is the monkey and banana links and studs; they certainly speak to my adventurous side (and my childhood obsession with Curious George).  However, the product catalogue is expansive.  Over the years Robin has built up his designs to have something that goes with nearly any taste.  Generally speaking, where Rotenier really shows its prowess is on the backside of the cufflinks.  The back always plays to the theme set by the front; such as the bull and bear with associated rising or falling stock charts (see below).  Since my time at MRket, I have visited the Rotenier workshop, which was truly a great experience.  If you are interested in how the cufflinks are made or the inspiration behind Robin’s work I recommend you give it a read.

rotenier skull and crossbone cufflinks

rotenier monkey cufflinks

bull and bear cufflink

bull and bear cufflinks