Guilty Pleasure: Supreme Harris Tweed Hat

Guilty Pleasure: Supreme Harris Tweed Hat


harris tweed supreme hat

Quite often, guilty pleasures are some of the best pleasures.  I need not delve into an extensive list of mine but today I’d like to talk on one in particular.  Snapback hats from Supreme, specifically one made of Harris Tweed in a plum color.  I have always had a weird curiosity about their signature 5-panel hats.  But my respect and curiosity goes much deeper than just the hats, you can read a little more on that here.  Anyway, I’ve been putting off purchasing one of these hats since I moved to NYC, but finally caved on one of my last days there.

As we can all imagine, I don’t really promote flip back hats.  In fact, I hate them most of the time; especially the ones Ricky Fowler wears on the golf course.  But there is something about the style chasm they create when worn with my usual khakis, corduroys and button downs that draws me to the Supreme hat.  A curve ball of sorts.  Every man should have a few; it’s good to keep people on their toes.  What are your style curve balls?