Far Hills Hunt: What Was Worn

Far Hills Hunt: What Was Worn


The Far Hills Hunt is a beautiful thing.  Beautiful girls, Barbours, beer and Bean boots abound.  Seriously, what else does a man need…

This year’s installment of the Far Hills Races (aka Far Hills Hunt or just The Hunt) was a glorious one.  Personally, I had a better time this year than the last two.  The day occupies a sacred spot on the social calendar of many of us, and for good reason.  It is consistently one of the best days of the year.

The weather was flawless and the style was on point.  Anything and everything American and prep was on display.  And I had no sympathy for the girls I saw wearing heels; I will attribute such faults to the fact that they forgot to change footwear from Friday night (and clearly they did not heed my advice)…  Anyway, the day looked like pages from Ralph Lauren, Hunter, Barbour and L.L. Bean catalogues.  Except not that over-edited commercialized lifestyle garbage; this is how it really goes down my friends.

Speaking of, it was great to see so many of my friends from the Mother Land (Main Line), Promised Land (ACK), college (Villanova) and city (NYC).  Many of whom are pictured below, sorry I missed some of you.  I have faith our paths will cross soon.  But until then, keep up the good fight.

See you all next year,


what to wear to a horse race - ascot
Thankfully the ascot has not been completely forgotten over on this side of the pond. The Persols are a nice addition.
far hills hunt races ascot
Ascots and button downs…
how to wear a kilt
Clearly, the day would not have been complete without some proper bagpipes. This gent was a machine.  Note the regimental tie.
what to wear to a horse race bow tie
Neither bow ties nor plaid were uncommon at Far Hills hunt 2012.
far hills hunt races keg
‘Bro, I really like your flannel.’ ‘Thanks bro, I like yours too.  But dude, where’s our bus?’  Boots and jeans with a flannel shirt was one of the more common uniforms at this years hunt.  Note the dip can imprint on back pocket.  And thankfully this was the only pair of those god awful Burberry rainboots I saw.
far hills hunt races bros
EA Bros.
far hills hunt races couple
A Main Line couple.  Note the croakies and Bean boots on him and chunky sweater on her.
far hills hunt races critter pants
One of the recurring motifs for the day was embroidered pants, or critter pants.  thankfully so, because it doesn’t get much better than these bad boys.
embroidered horse pants
Embroidered horse pants and school belt. Oh, so fitting.
far hills hunt races drinking
How a real man drinks.  Note the signet ring and pocket square.
far hills hunt races ellsworth and ivy
Taylor Ivey of Ellsworth & Ivy holding it down at her booth. If you didn’t make it by on Saturday I recommend you take a look at her site, she makes some damn fine capes (which she is so elegantly wearing).

Ellsworth & Ivey

Ellsworth & Ivey via Facebook

what to wear to a horse race
Nothing beats chicks.
how to dress for a horse race girls
And more chicks.
SPO: The bewildered yet amazed look of an unseasoned veteran.
hunter boots
Patagonia, Hunter boots and aviators.  One of the days uniforms.
Rocking the monochromatic look. Note how the jacket has a very unstructured look to it, keeping it more casual.  Old school.
Another theme for the day: mud.
what to wear to a horse race patchwork pants
Note the badass patchwork pants.  And real men wear pink, lots of it.
far hills romney ryan
Just in case you forgot where you were: Romney country.
hunt races jean shorts
The auctioneer.
hunt races fedora
Dude’s sartorial game is killing it. Bow tie, pocket square, jacket etc…
hunt races style
Frogskins, club polo and road trip from Trinity.  Legend.
far hills hunt style
Flannel and old friends.
Keg stand
Killing the keg stand game.  The purest form of teamwork.
what to wear to a horse race - far hills hunt style
New friend, previously mentioned unseasoned veteran, old friend and random dude in a great tweed jacket.  It’s hard to see but old friends belt has bits on it.
hunt races style
How a gentleman wear a jacket: with a pocket square.
far hills hunt mens style
Why can’t guys just learn to wear suspenders with buttons, not clips… Why? That aside, a great look.
horse race style
Another theme for the day: America.
2 things need to happen. First, this girl needs to get in touch with me because I may or may not have a crush on her.  Second, the people at Miller need to get in touch with me because this needs to be part of your next national ad campaign.
far hills hunt races style
America never gets old.
Dude was doing great until I saw he was wearing a Nike belt… Ignoring that, a great get up.
what to wear to a horse race
Definitely not getting those mud stains out…
This elder gentleman; so suave.
far hills hunt races style
Then sadly, it had to end…  The kegs were tapped, the horses done running and the sun was setting.  There’s always next year…