Best And (Mostly) Worst Dressed Men Of 2013 Golden Globes

Best And (Mostly) Worst Dressed Men Of 2013 Golden Globes


Fear not, the men of the celebrity set have yet again showed us how not to dress for black tie…  Or if you are Ewan McGregor you think you are too cool to actually wear a tie at all, that’s some serious dark side of the force shit and Yoda would not approve.  I do not know why they persist with their misguided antics, but at least it allows me to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures: systematically critiquing celebrity style (or lack thereof).  Anyway, in the interest in having these public personalities set a good example for the men out there I hereby offer to any man who walks the red carpet in Hollywood advice on how to properly dress in a tuxedo.  All you have to do is admit you have a problem and then get at me via twitter, facebook or email (  But until then, the heavy handed judgement will continue unabated.  Alas, we commence!

Tied for best dressed is Hugh Jackman.  He kept it as simple and classic as it gets and he kills it in this peak lapeled single button jacket.  The fit and proportions are all on point.
He kept it as simple and classic as it gets and he kills it in this peak lapeled single button jacket. The fit and proportions are all best in class.  He would be the best dressed man but he is not wearing a cummerbund; which is an essential.
In honesty, I had no idea
In honesty, I had no and still don’t have any idea who Max Greenfield is; but his tux game is solid.  Shorten those shirt sleeves and it’d be perfect.  It even seems that he’s wearing a cummerbund.  That said, Mr. Greenfield was tied for best dressed I saw that night.
I would hope for better from a product of Eton.  Notch lapels, flap pockets, bunching of the pants and 2 buttons on the jacket…  Poor form Mr. Lewis.  BUT, he does slightly redeem himself by wearing a pocket square.
I mean its Bill Murray.  No one understands this enigma of a creature so I’m not even going to bother commenting.  He’s pretty much the man.
And then there is the other Bill, Bill Clinton.  He sets a high bar to aspire to in his pursuits of women (minus the alien creature he calls wife).  But his tux game is not so great.  The long tie has got to go.  However, I know that his suit game is pretty solid.  I saw him this summer in NYC, he was wearing a well fitting gray suit and pink tie with a woman under each arm for a ‘photo op.’  I got within 10 feet before Secret Service pulled the ultimate block and took him to his car.
Compliments to Ben Affleck for his wins.  But he needs to shorten the pant legs, make sure your vest covers the bottom of your shirt at the waistband and get rid of the stitching on the lapels.  But solid play on displaying his dance moves to that smoke.
And the worst dressed goes to Quentin Tarantino.
And the worst dressed goes to Quentin Tarantino.  Every single thing about his ensemble except the pocket square is wrong.  Oh, so wrong.
Bradley Cooper typically represents Philadelphia well on the red carpet (although he did attend GA, a lesser school).
Bradley Cooper typically represents Philadelphia well on the red carpet (although he did attend GA, a lesser school).  He kept it classic in this Tom Ford tux which fits him oh so well.  He just needs a slightly bigger bow tie.  Runner up for best dressed.
Damnit Leo.  For someone who bears such a resemblance to me I wish you would learn to wear a proper dinner jacket.  That is, one without notch lapels…
2012 was a big year for Craig, he firmly established himself as a badass Bond and as a style icon.  He does very well in this midnight blue tux (minus the bunching of the pant leg).  The sunglasses are legit, but atop a tux is not the right place.
Casper Smart, another guy I had no idea who he was.  Luckily there is Google...  Unluckily, he dresses for black tie like an idiot.
Casper Smart, another guy I had no idea who he was. Luckily there is Google… Unluckily, he dresses for black tie like an idiot.
Our man Will Farrel looks a bit crazed here, but that is par for the course.  The double breasted is bad ass but that tie would be better used to wipe one’s ass.
I said it once and I'll say it again.  Left: legend.  Right: smokeshow.
I said it once and I’ll say it again. Left: legend. Right: smokeshow.
Robert Downey Jr golden globes
The jacket is awesome, and pretty much only something that RDJ could pull off. But the man is wearing sneakers. SNEAKERS! What an affront!!
I have no idea what Jeremy Irons was trying to pull off here.  Bless him for taking a chance, but seriously, what the hell is this contraption?
Thankfully, there is hope.  Daniel Day Lewis
Thankfully, there is hope. Daniel Day Lewis, tied for best dressed, is in a great one button shawl collar jacket.  The pants seem to hang perfectly and the shoes are elegant.  Ties in well with the award.

I am sure that I missed some other well and not so well dressed men so feel free to add your thoughts and nominations in the comments section.

Enjoy Liberally,

Justin L Jeffers


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  1. I believe Mr. Iron’s ensemble could properly be called ‘blight tie.’ Still, it does make one hope for the resurgence of the frock coat for daytime wear.

  2. I wear a tux 8-10 times per year and own my own.

    I am looking to get a MTM suit made. The tailor wants the breast pocket to have a band with the same silk material from the lapels. Can someone provide some background on this feature? Is this something that used to be done and stopped, or is this a new fashion trend?

    • Liam0062,
      To be honest, I am not quite sure what the history is on that detail and have not been able to find anything on it. I do see it from time to time and am not sure why it is there. Regardless of the history or lack thereof of this feature, I am strongly against it as I think it is tacky and visually upsets the balance of the jacket. Use a white linen pocket square to dress the pocket, not a strip of satin or grosgrain. But I am even more curious in the fact that if you are getting a suit made why he would suggest such a thing. I will assume, however, that you mean you’re getting a MTM dinner suit, not just suit.

  3. I really enjoyed watching the Oscars, especially noting (to my wife), the exact reason why each person’s tux was short of perfect. The reason I found most common was notch lapel vs. peak lapel. Is it possible that the trend is just changing and/or Hollywood types are aware that the notch lapel on a tux is less formal/avant garde and are doing it on purpose?

    Also, I’m sure you noticed that Seth MacFarlane changed his tuxedo jacket midway through the ceremony, from one with notch lapels, to one with a shawl lapel.

    • Nish,
      To be honest, I am not sure of the exact reason why the Hollywood set seems to favor the notch lapel. Perhaps it is the more casual vibe like you note. I also think that part of it is that the designers that pay them to wear or supply their tuxes make tuxes with notch lapels. And I will not even dare getting into the various designers reasons for making something with notch lapels.
      I did see that MacFarlane changed his jacket. The shawl was a much better look. I’d love to know the reasoning behind the change. It also fit him quite well, and who knew he had such a strong singing voice… Anyway, currently in process of writing the post on the Oscars style, hopefully it’ll be up later in the day on Tuesday.

  4. Bill Murray may be the man but that tie-thing is a bit scary, even for him. Men really need to keep things simple, classic and elegant. With that combination you can’t go wrong.

  5. Pocket square?!!!!!
    Dear me, no – simply isn’t done.
    You get a pardon because you’re a Yank and wouldn’t be expected to know these things.

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