Dandy Talk

Dandy Talk


Certainly as a nod to the times we are in, The National Arts Club hosted an event this Friday, October 5th on all things Dandy.  Yes, Dandy.  The event was titled Dandy Talk.  Over the decades the term Dandy has been applied to a wide array of gentleman with an equally diverse array of styles.  But it really comes down to the fact that a Dandy is ‘a man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners or something very good or agreeable…’  In case you are wondering, I do not consider myself a Dandy; I just believe in dressing well.

The event started off with a panel discussion featuring Rose Callahan (Dandy Portraits), Nathaniel Adams (Lives Of The Dandies and Against Nature), Matt Fox (Fine And Dandy Shop) and Thomas P. Farley (aka Mr. Manners).  The discussion was moderated by David Zyla (Emmy winning costume designer and author of Color Your Style: How To Wear Your True Colors).  The night closed with music from Dandy Wellington & His Band and cocktails, especially those with lots of Hendrick’s gin in them.

The talk started off with Mr. Zyla asking each of the panelists how they got into the world of Dandies and from there topics ranged from vintage to inspiration to why the resurgence of the Dandy is happening now.  The most memorable quote from the night came from Mr. Adams when he noted that “I think that probably the only people who wore bowties for years was the Nation Of Islam, they might have accidentally kept Brooks Brothers in business.”  But as much as I would love to sit here and list the quotes of note from the night I decided it best to upload a recording of Dandy Talk to Vimeo, enjoy liberally.

The night was a grande one indeed.  The National Arts Club is one of the more beautiful structures I have been in in New York City (as are most of NYC’s clubs, real clubs, not night clubs).  And the level of dress was quite stellar, obviously photos were taken (I apologize for the poor lighting and occasional blurred lines), I wish I had taken more, as there were so many more well dressed men and women at the event.  Luckily you can take a look at more and better photos at The Dandy Portraits.  A big thanks go out to all those involved in the planning and hosting of the event, it was a great night all around, thank you for having me.


Justin L Jeffers

These gents have an interesting project in the works, more on that in the future.
Very cool lapel pin, very cool.
Eliot Aranow, see: http://elliotaronow.com/.  The jacket is Black Fleece, in case you were wondering.
Thomas Cary, The Cary Collection http://www.abebooks.com/the-cary-collection-new-york-ny/714383/sf
Killing the old school game
Black tie and boater hat, peculiar but somehow he made it work, somehow…
Dandy Wellington’s shoes
Dandy Wellington