Tweed For The Summer?

Tweed For The Summer?

tweed in the summer

Tweed in the summer?  I know what your thinking… That jackass who writes The Fine Young Gentleman has lost it.  Perhaps.

But, I am one of those people who believe that tweed can be worn year round.  The weather and tweed itself have to be just right for it to work in summer and spring, however.  I think the light gray of this jacket lends itself to usage on cool spring/summer nights as well as overcast days like today (it is 55, cloudy and raining).

The jacket itself looks to be something out of the heyday of Tommy Nutter with its oversized lapels and pockets, I actually thrifted it for $3 (yes, I do actually go shopping at thrift shops, but more on that later).  Its a rather fun looking jacket, and fun it will hopefully lead me to.  So there you have it, tweed for the summer indeed.


summer tweed


  1. Yes Tweed for summer is fine! Remember that Tweed is not just some ultra thick fabric that the Queen of England wears when at Balmoral in the Scottish highlands. It can also be a wool cotton mix such as done by Hackett or an unlined jacket in a fine wool or even wool/ cashmere as done by Pal Zilleri in recent seasons. Good op-shop find Justin! It reminds me of the unlined Christian Dior jacket that my father bought me in 1979 upon leaving high school- I wish I still had it rather than donating it to an op-shop about 10 years later when wide lapels were rather unfashionable.

  2. Hey JLJ,

    Just curious, what pants are you wearing in the above picture? They appear to be a comfortable, breathable material. The color is remarkable as well, what shade of blue is that? Love the thrift shop buy, work smarter not harder.


    • WJR,
      Thank you. Believe it or not, the pants are from Costco (Kirkland Signature). I think they were $30 and I love them, they are of good quality and the fit is actually pretty good. They are wool, but I am not sure what type of weave, as it is not just a normal worsted. I am actually planning on picking up another pair of them. The blue, as you note, is slightly off from navy, which I really like. I should note that the lighting in the photo makes them look a little lighter than they actually are, but I highly recommend them. Costco also has pants in a few grays and a tan color (at least at the King of Prussia location).

      • You look hands down very cool,Just started reading your stuff good things to be found but as I like on old England somethings are N/A here.
        Sorry can not help myself Shoes are great they do look like Lands End loafers if that is the case they look dogs bollocks if other model can you pass manufacturer.
        Second what happened during taking up length of those trousers ???

  3. Very clean look. Im jumping on this combo (I have all the essential pieces) this weekend. New to your site. Great stuff