Blue Suede Tassel Loafers, Enough Said

Blue Suede Tassel Loafers, Enough Said


If only all shoes were this badass…

But, they aren’t, and I suppose they shouldn’t be.  After all, us gentlemen do need to have some shoes that are a little more conservative and formal.  Many of you may be familiar with Suit Supply for its tailored menswear, as its suits are its mainstay.  However, the brand also stocks some solid ties, socks, belts and shoes.  These pretty little dittys are part of Suit Supply’s spring/summer collection, however, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t planning to wear them on some of the sunnier winter days.  They are blake welted, but as you can see there is stitching on the sole to make them look good year welted.  I am of the belief that the construction and leather are of good quality and the balance of the shoe is rather nice.  They have also holding up well to consistent wear over the past few months.  They also make them in a brown braided leather, also badass.  A value at the $289 price tag.  However, finding them to purchase is the real challenge.  Now they just need to make them in more colors, can I get a second for burgundy, dark green and black suede?


  1. Justin, Shipton & Heneage has black suede tasseled loafers (Blake welted) for 159 U.K Pounds and Herrings has a similar shoe (Goodyear welt) for 175 U.K Pounds. Would you care to elaborate on the difference between Blake and Goodyear as you seem to be implying that Goodyear is superior.

  2. Black suede? Naah! I personally think suede shoes can be any color but not black.
    Black is the color for classic leather shoes, which is very formal and boring 🙂

    • Tim,
      I used to not be a fan of black suede as well. However, after seeing them on some gents over in Paris last summer I came to change my mind. As I particularly liked how they looked against lighter greys. But I do concur on your point that black leather tends to be boring.

      Good points. Where do you acquire the black suede brogues from, they sound awesome.


  3. Tim, I beg to disagree. I wear my black suede Chelsea boots and black suede brogues all the time with denim. To me black suede is the only casual shoe/boot to wear when wearing a black suede jacket or black wool peacoat.

  4. Justin, Shipton & Heneage for black suede brogues- some of the most comfortable and stylish shoes that I own. I also wear them with a black linen suit from Paul Smith.

  5. Hi,

    How did you size on these loafers? I’m considering getting a pair but not sure if I should size down from my normal dress shoe size or not?