The Benefits Of Burgundy Shoes

The Benefits Of Burgundy Shoes


what to wear with burgundy shoes

In case you care, my two favorite colors of dress shoes to wear are brown suede and burgundy (or oxblood).  For today let’s dwell on the latter.  Here in the states burgundy is the most under-utilized shoe color.  Which partially as a result when it is worn it gives the wearer a bit more style and panache.  And oddly enough, I think burgundy is worn more here in the States then from what I have seen in Europe.

So naturally, the question of what to wear with burgundy shoes arises.  It goes with just as many, if not more colors than brown.  Black, grey, navy, brown and tan are all fair game.  Regarding formality, burgundy is less formal than black but on par with brown.  I have heard some say that burgundy looks best in cordovan, but I strongly disagree.  The calf shoes pictured have developed a beautiful patina over the past few years and will continue to do so over the coming years.  So next time you go to enlarge your shoe selection (or collection), do not overlook burgundy, for it has its benefits…


Justin L Jeffers


PS – Shoe from Septieme Largeur.  Pants from MyTailor, Knot Standard (review coming soon) and Hugo Boss.


  1. I agree Justin, burgundy is a great colour for shoes. My understanding is that Cordovan refers to the type of leather which is horse rather than cow and may be naturally darker. Personally I only have 2 pairs of burgundy shoes which I purchased from the Church’s shop in San Francisco way back in 1989! I tend to wear them infrequently these days but when I do it is with a navy blue suit and burgundy belt, tie and cufflinks with a pale blue shirt. I think this is the best combination for burgundy. The shoes I have are brogues and oxford – maybe I need to get double monk or wholecut to get enthused about burgundy again. Regards, Geoff.

    • Geoff,
      Nice to hear from you, as always. Cordovan is indeed from horse hide. However, I have read that it was originally meant to denote a type of goat skin (read in Laszlo Vass’s book). Burgundy and blue is the best.

  2. I wear a burgundry wholecut shoe with navy,and charcoal suit and they bring the outfit together.Everytime the burgundry wholecut is place on the my feet,the ladies alwayS compliment the color and wholecut.You must have that color in your stable

  3. I have burgundy alligator Oxford shoes. If I want to wear some faded comfortable jeans. That’s my best shirt color. It’s warm where I live so a linen sport coat is not practical right now. Any advise? Thanks all

  4. I have a pair or authentic alligator Oxford shoes. I want to wear faded comfortable jeans. What color shirt. I have plenty of linen sport coats , however it warm in my city and not practical to wear one right now. Any advice. Thanks all. SF

  5. Great post! My Merlot Allen Edmunds McAllister wingtips are the hardest working shoes in my collection. The Burgundy palette tends to go with the vast majority of colours found in the business (casual to informal) wardrobe.