Actions & Reactions

Actions & Reactions


Every action causes a reaction.

I have yet to go through a day of my post collegiate life in which I see more men well dressed than poorly dressed.  I know this issue is not contained to just New York City.  I have spent enough time in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles to obtain a reasonable picture of how men dress in those cities.  I have seen comparable offenses in each city.

American men have not always dressed so poorly.  I often wonder who is to fault for the demise of the well dressed American man.  Is it the man’s fault? Does he not know how to dress well? Does he not care to dress well? Is it his parents fault for teaching him to dress a certain way? Is it the fashion industry’s fault? If he does not buy his clothes himself, is it the fault of those who buy his clothes for him?  Can he not afford to dress well?  Or is it the fault of male American culture in general?  I believe the answer is the same for all poorly dressed men.  It is a combination of all of these factors that contribute to their deficiencies of dress, fashion and style.  Of these factors, I think the easiest to change is a man’s knowledge.  Without knowledge, ignorance can be bliss for many men.  This bliss is flawed.  The purpose of The Fine Young Gentleman is to provide that knowledge.

The Fine Young Gentleman is a reaction to all of the poorly dressed men out there.