Sockless On A Friday

Sockless On A Friday


Bit loafers, bare ankles and a pretty badass looking weathered leather bag, so what?  Well, this look is classic and classic on a rainy day like today makes me happy.  You see, preps have been wearing loafers sans socks for decades ( and now the fashion world seems to have caught onto the glory of doing so).  Oh, and preps were also rocking bit loafers, in particular those from Gucci (this was back in the day before Tom Ford changed everything there, but lucky for us he didn’t change the bit loafer), before they became the symbol they became in the 80’s.  So, not only is this look classic, it is also preppy (which sometimes are one in the same).  And, well, as we all know, all things preppy generally make me happy.

I think of the context of this shot, it was Friday afternoon outside the Wall St subway stop.  The man was an older gentleman, his hair was rather gray, probably from the stress that killing it on Wall St for years brings on someone.  I am no expert at reading facial expressions but the one on his face told me that he had  made it.  Perhaps this is something I should strive to?

I hope that when I reach that age I will have made it.  But even if I haven’t, you can damn well bet I won’t be wearing socks with my bit loafers on a Friday.

Keep up the good fight,