Dress, Fashion & Style

Dress, Fashion & Style


When I decided to tag this blog with the line ‘of matters concerning men’s dress, fashion and style’ I had a specific definition of what the three words ‘dress, fashion and style’ meant.  I think that in order to properly understand what this blog is about and what it stands for one must know what the intended meaning of these three words is.

Dress is the physical elements of fashion and style: how they are worn, how they are made, where they are made, what they are made of.  Fashion and style are two different things.  In the most concise and simple manner I can think of I can describe them as the following: fashion is something you buy, style is something you have.  In more detail, fashion is something you can buy in a store (or online), it is something that is tangible.  Sometimes it is shit, other times it is excellent and elegant.  In contrast, style is something that an individual has, it is part of them; it is intangible.  Style is taking dress and fashion and using it to one’s advantage.  Style is what the great male dressers like Cary Grant, The Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Ralph Lauren and Giovanni Agnelli all have and/or had.  Style is the ability to properly match different elements of clothing together.  It is the ability to do this consistently.  It is about knowledge and it is about self awareness.  Most importantly style is the ability to infuse your own personality into your wardrobe and what you wear in a tasteful manner.