FYG x Europe

FYG x Europe


Some time ago I decided it would be in my best interest to take a vacation, so I decided I was going to go to Europe.  I arrived in Paris yesterday and am in Europe for roughly two weeks.  Upon arrival I was eager to get out on the town and explore.  Sadly, the powers that be, aka the dipshits at Continental airlines, had other plans for me…  Somewhere in the mix of last minute flight changes they lost my luggage, leaving me with only my carry-ons and the clothes on my back.  The short of it is this, I was left galavanting about Paris in pink seersucker pants and a yellow oxford button down (my obnoxiously preppy over the top  travel attire) for roughly 36 hours.  The upside is that it told every person who saw me could tell that I am an American and damn proud of it.

Anyway, the primary objective of my trip is to relax and explore Paris, London and wherever else I decide to go to.  However, great emphasis will be placed on both understanding the local nuances of men’s dress and the shopping opportunities available in my respective locales.  To emphasize, yes, there will be ample shopping opportunities.  For starters in Paris I plan to visit some of the French shoe makers (Berluti, Finsbury, Altan, Bexley, Emling etc), Charvet, Stark and Sons Tailors, Colette, Hermes, Arthur et Fox and l’Atelier du Bracelet Parisien.  In London, the capital of gentlemanly dress the world over, I essentially plan to live on Jermyn Street and Savile row for a few days as well as hit some of the other great establishments of the city.  To name a few destinations we have Huntsman, Gieves and Hawkes (and The Shoe Snob), Turnbull and Asser, John Lobb, George Cleverly, Trumpers, Drakes, Anderson and Sheppard, Henry Poole, TM Lewin, Size?, Crockett and Jones, Barbour, Aquascutum and Timothy Everest.  Hopefully I will make it too all of these stores and more, however, we shall see what time allows for.  Additionally, for each store I will provide a write up on the store, its products and some pictures.  Ideally creating a shopping guide for any gentleman of good taste for each city.  If any of you readers have any recommendations for store visits please leave a comment or send an email to TheFineYoungGentleman@gmail.com.