FYGblog Turns 200

FYGblog Turns 200


Upon reflecting I find it weird to think that the first post was put up on April 4th, just over nine months ago.  Weirder it is to think that the 200th post was put up late Saturday night.  Back then much was as it is now, FYGblog has a purpose to try to help guys dress better, hopefully on a reasonable budget.  Now, the ways as to how I try to fulfill that purpose have varied and grown from my original methods.  I like to think of it as some type of organic growth.

And speaking of growth…  I remember the first day FYG had 10 hits, barely.  I remember the first day it 100 hits, again barely.  But I remember quite well the first day FYG had 1,000 hits, a great day indeed.  For those few hundred of you that stop by everyday I thank you for your patronage.  Last week I started using a new analytic tool that shows me where people view FYG from.  Frankly, I have been quite surprised, honored and humbled.  Although most readers are from The United States and Western Europe there are readers from Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Dubai, Philipines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Japan and Russia (if I missed your country I apologize, it was not intentional).  I hope that you will continue to stop by and spread The Fine Young Gentleman to those you think it appropriate, regardless of where you may be reading from.  As always you can find FYBblog on Facebook under The Fine Young Gentleman or @FYGblog.  I’m also thinking of starting up a Tumblr or Pinterest account, but, that remains to be seen.

I have always hesitated to release information about me, your faithful writer, to the public.  This has been for a variety of reasons which I will not delve into right now.  But I think now would be an appropriate time to tell you all a little bit about me.  After all, some of you already know who I am and all of you know what I look like.  My name is Justin.  I am 24 years old and reside in New York City, however, I am from one of the towns along The Main Line (aka The Promised Land) which is an area outside of Philadelphia.  I spent my college years in Boston, London and outside of Philadelphia; graduating in 2010.  I do not work in fashion, or anything relating to men’s dress, fashion and style.  I work as an accountant (an auditor to be more specific) at a rather large ‘professional services’ firm.  Perhaps one day I will work in fashion or menswear, but obviously that remains to be seen. Well, I believe that covers the basics.  So, until next time…

Keep up the good fight,



  1. Keep up the good work man! I found out about your blog 2 months ago and have been coming almost every day. (well, at least 4-5 times a week to be accurate)

    One suggestion, can you also talk about jeans? I mean for guys, we wear jeans very often and a nice pair could really make a difference on our appearance…

    – Loyal reader from Toronto

    • Loyal Reader From Toronto,
      Thanks for reading the blog, glad to hear that you enjoy it. To be honest, I do not wear jeans and have not done so for as far back as I remember. This has largely been a matter of personal preference and taste, in my case I prefer a solid pair of khakis. But, I will try to figure something out on how to cover jeans, perhaps something along the lines of guest writers or visits to jeans specialty stores, of which there are a few in NYC. Thanks for the suggestion, please keep them coming as I am open to anything.