Apparently Life Isn’t 90% Flow, Only Lax…

Apparently Life Isn’t 90% Flow, Only Lax…


So.  I was planning on writing about Dapper Classics socks or Rotenier cufflinks today…  But something a bit more urgent has been brought to my attention…

Over the past few days I have been hearing people touting that “according to research out of Wharton.  Men with completely shaved heads were actually perceived to be more dominant and in some cases have better leadership potential than both men with thinning hair and men with a full head of hair.”  At least says Rachel Silverman in an interview with WSJ Live.  She also wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal on the subject.  Well, to this, I claim blasphemy!

Now, why does this theory of the connection between baldness to perceived power elicit such a sharp (and quite possibly facetious) response, you may ask.  Well, one could say that my hair is the antithesis of baldness.  I prefer to rock the flow, as it is called in many a circle.  I do it partly because I will not let ‘the man’ get me down and partly because a few years ago I decided it was what looked best for me.  The fairer sex oft seems to like it as well.  Since I began the aforementioned rocking of the flow life has only gotten better.  I could even go so far as to say I feel that people give me more respect and ‘perceive’ me to have more power.  Experience prevails.  The study must be flawed.

Apparently, some scientific study was done to support these outrageous claims.  Although this comes from the great institution that is UPenn (which hails from the great city that is Philadelphia), I have little doubt that the basis of this study is flawed.  I would no sooner trust Madoff with my money than trust this study.  For we all know that lax is 90% flow and lax is life.  So, by extension, life is 90% flow.  Logic prevails.  The Vulcans have been right all along.  Science, in this case, is flawed (however, it is certainly not flawed in the theory of evolution, but that’s for another time).

And dare I mention that many of the founding fathers of this great country (some of whom signed the Constitution in Philadelphia!) rocked some serious flow (although sometimes in the form of a wig).  Including the legends Benjamin Franklin and George Washington!  These two gents are even on our currency rocking the flow.  Now, if your going to tell me those two were not powerful and/or perceived as powerful (and no doubt some of that power was due to rocking flow) then your probably the type of fool who wears square toed shoes.  Theory debunked.  Enough said.

In respectful jest,