New Format, Issues & Feedback

New Format, Issues & Feedback


Dear Readers,

As you have noticed things have changed here at FYGblog.  Namely, a few weeks ago I changed the format and layout of things.  Initially things did not go smoothly, however, most issues have been worked out; and the rest are being worked on.  One issue that has yet to be resolved is the email subscriptions.  Unfortunately, when things were transferred over, subscriptions were not.  I hope to find a way to restore subscriptions to those of you who had them and to also reinstate the subscription function.  I apologize for this issue and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Additionally, I have received feedback, both positive and negative on the new layout.  For those of you who have voiced opinions, thank you.  I am open and welcoming of all feedback, whether positive or negative.  Please feel free to contribute in the comments or email me at I hope you all continue to enjoy reading FYGblog.


Justin L. Jeffers


  1. The new format seems fine, Justin. Just need to get some more comments out of the readers out there,they are all being a bit lazy at the moment.