The Line Is Being Blurred…

The Line Is Being Blurred…


Recently, I have been getting approached by more and more brands about featuring their products on FYG.  Some of which I would never feature on FYG Blog and others that would fit quite well.  For some time I was against accepting gifts and compensation,I liked having FYG independent of outside influences, such as sponsors and/or brands.  But I began to change my point of view, I started thinking of it as an opportunity to showcase more products and brands that fit with what FYG blog stands for.  It was decided that it could only work if a respectable level of integrity was maintained about it, for there are times when I question if there is an adequate amount of this in the blogging world.

As is the case with any industry, especially new ones like menswear blogging, there are problems.  I am of the opinion that one of the larger ones plaguing the menswear blogging world is that there is little note of what bloggers are compensated for and what they are not compensated for.  You see, bloggers will spotlight a product or brand but the readers often have no way of knowing whether any form of compensation was received or not.  So the question arises, at least in my mind, who is paid for doing what?  Because we all know that many times bloggers do receive compensation of some sort.  I have seen wording like ‘blog X and brand X got together for this and that…’  I view ambiguities like this to be an infringement upon the integrity of not only individual blogs but the entire world of menswear blogging (and even fashion and style blogging in general).  Why can’t it just be said whether or not there was an exchange of goods/services/money?  The line is being blurred.

We can do better, and we should do better.

I vow to you, my readers, that there will be no blurring of the line on The Fine Young Gentleman.  Whenever I receive material compensation from a brand I will make note of it.  Only brands that consent to having it stated that compensation was received will be worked with.  There will be many times in which I enthusiastically endorse or denounce a product or brand, I will often find it prudent to make note that no compensation was received from a brand or its competitors for favorable or unfavorable words.  I will also only work with brands that accept the fact that I will give an honest review of their products and brands, this point will be made to brands in an upfront and honest manner.  The good, the bad and the ugly will all be shared.  For it is not only good to know what you like, but also what you do not like about something.  An unbiased opinion shall be formed and stated.  It is only fair for you, the readers, for it to be this way.  I believe that if a brand is not okay with the possibility of unfavorable words about its products than it does not belong on The Fine Young Gentleman and more importantly it shows that the brand is not confident enough in its products.

If there is a brand or product that you would like to be reviewed or featured on FYG Blog please let me know and I will work to get it on here. Or, if you have any questions about the logic and reasoning behind what is being proposed here please do not hesitate to inquire.

Keep up the good fight,



  1. Very good! Honesty is the best policy. Simon Crompton is subject to severe attack on Film Noir – you don’t want that to happen to you, do you?