So, I Made A Few Errors…

So, I Made A Few Errors…


FYG Readers,

Over the past few weeks I have received two comments about issues people have had with two of my posts.  First, I apologize for the error and lack of depth.  In the future I will attempt to better edit my writing to avoid instances like this, for it is neither beneficial for the blog and for its readers.  Second, I have since gone back and edited the posts to fix my historical error on one and add more content on the other.  Check out the updated versions of Shirting: The Cuffs and Further Thoughts On Black Tie.  I believe I was able to adequately address the issues that were pointed out to me.  In the future, please continue to feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, complaints or any other feedback.  Whether it is positive or negative it is appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback,