Things Done Changed…

Things Done Changed…


So, things done changed here at FYGblog.  And it was long overdue.  Most notably, you will find that the link text has been changed from a light blue to a burgundy.  Burgundy and grey are two of my favorite colors to pair when wearing a suit, so why not do the same for the blog?  I also took out that atrocious box that was in the right tool bar and replaced it with much more palatable icons for following the blog on Tumblr, Twitter, RSS and Facebook (hint: if you’re not ‘following’ or ‘liking’ the blog, now would be a good time to start).  I also added an email subscription option, hopefully this one will work, as the last one I tried was a pitiful failure.  Lastly, I added a toolbar on the left of each of the posts, it allows readers to share any given post with their various social networks (hint hint hint).  Oh, and don’t forget, I’m now on Instagram at @FYGblog.  But more changes are to come.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the changes in the comments section, or email me.  I’m open to any feedback, whether positive or negative.


Justin L Jeffers


      • I agree. I’m using Android, and when zoomed out all the way the first couple of letters of each line are obscured. When zoomed in, it interferes increasingly.
        A potential solution could be to relocate it to a similar location on the right.
        Unrelated, I want to thank you for your instrumental role in winning an argument with a friend. I used the “Rules of Men’s Dress” to deliver the deciding blow, and confirm it is not acceptable to wear a tie without a jacket.
        Keep up the good work!

        • Ken,
          Thank you for the heads up as well. The problem is also present on iPads, as well as mobile devices. That is glorious about the argument, that made my day. Keep up the good fight!