Things Worth Looking Forward To…

Things Worth Looking Forward To…


A few days back I was doing my daily read on A Suitable Wardrobe and Mr. Boehlke was commenting on how he had many articles of clothing in the pipeline.  He has yet again inspired me.  I too have many things in the pipeline.  Not all are clothes, but some are.

Today I stopped at Alexander West in Soho to get a bespoke shirt fitted.  The 3-5 week wait will be most painful but I will tell you all all about it when the time comes.  But for now I will say that I had a great time and they know their stuff.  I also stopped by Suit Supply to browse what they are offering this fall/winter.  I desire a flannel suit to get me through the season and am beginning my search so I paid particular attention to their flannels.  As in past visits I have liked some of what I see.  However, I have also made a few other stops and seen other things I like.  We shall see where my tastes take me this time…

There are also some things in the pipeline for the blog.  You may have noticed I updated the blog roll to include Grungy Gentleman, A Continuous Lean, The GQ Eye and tucked; I hope you enjoy those blogs as much as I do.  I have decided a slight redesign/update could do some good.  I have also decided that it may do some good to get to some basics such as how to determine the proper fit for pants, shirts, suits and shoes.  I also suspect a few surprises and curve balls as well.  But more on all of this later.