5 Fall Pick Ups For Less Than $50

5 Fall Pick Ups For Less Than $50


I realize that sometimes the things I speak of are too expensive for some people.  Or perhaps some of you are tired about hearing about made to measure suits (but don’t worry, I’m not tired of talking about them) and the shoes that go with them.  So I thought it’d be nice to put together a short list of 5 things that could help all of you get through the fall (and even winter) season in warmer and more stylish way.

1. Dapper Classics’ wool socks ($24.00) – Although at home year round, I find that wool socks are even better in the colder months and Dapper Classics makes some of, if not the most, affordable over the calf ones out there.

2. Uniqlo’s ultra light down vest ($49.90) – These things are like crack.  I already have 4 but expect to acquire 2-3 more before the end of the season.  Yes, they keep your core warm, but they also have no logos or branding showing and come in a plethora of basic colors, which are huge pluses.


uniqlo down vest

3. Tough Gloves Patrol Gloves ($47.95) – Men do not wear gloves often enough.  To get a really solid pair you will have to spend double this, but these should be able to hold you over till you are ready for that.

patrol gloves

4. Kent Wang’s Ancient Madder Paisly Burgundy pocket square ($45.00) – A man can never have too many pocket squares.  But in a man’s excess it is good to have different types of fabric, madder silk is an underutilized one ideally suited for fall and winter.

madder silk pocket square

5. The Knottery’s The Graft wool knit tie ($35.00) – A man can also never have too many ties.  And like pocket squares, he will find it wise to diversify the types of ties; silk, silk knit, linen, wool, wool knit etc.

the knottery the graft tie



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