Reminiscent Of Agnelli…

Reminiscent Of Agnelli…


As of late (and by late I really mean the last two days) I have been on a hunt for a well styled watch that comes in under $250 (which I will no doubt cover later on and if anyone has any suggestions on brands and models please feel free to sound off in the comments).  In my browsing of various resources I came across the above picture.  It immediately reminded me of two things.  First, Gianni Agnelli (pictured below), who used to wear his watch over his left shirt sleeve.  If you don’t know who Mr. Agnelli is I suggest you read up on him before checking back here; but in short he was an Italian style god and business magnate.  The second thing that came to mind was a picture I took last spring of a gent wearing his watch on his upper forearm.  Now, I have no doubt that the gentleman with the cutout cuff was influenced by the former and not the latter of these fellows.  I also have no doubt that his shirt is bespoke.  It is quite a novel design.  Certainly not for those who lack confidence; bold, very bold.



  1. Crazy cuff. Did you catch the name of the shirtmaker?

    I’ve pondered the over-the-sleeve watch, or even over-the-jacket. That’s what the original 55mm fliegers of WWI were designed for, though with my thin arms it seems easy to accomplish with anything smaller, too. I’ve quite liked the look when I’ve seen it.

    Speaking of, I can vouch for Parnis as a solid maker of mechanical homage watches such as the Bell & Ross homage of your photo. One of their 44mm pilot watches has been my daily wearer of late:

    • Marco,
      Unfortunately, I do not have the name of the shirt maker. However, I was assume that any competent bespoke or custom maker could make a shirt like that. I’m sure our friends at My Tailor could. Good to hear about the Parnis working well, I have one in the mail, an unbranded submariner homage. I had a serious interpersonal debate on my moral stance of the homage watches but in the end decided, as it seems you have, that it would have to be unbranded. Well done.

  2. on perhaps a related note: where do you stand on matching watch face colors with suit colors? That is, a blue face with a blue suit, or perhaps green with a green tie? gauche or a nice touch? And if the latter, is it better to match the suit or tie?