Brands To Watch: Blue Claw Co.

Brands To Watch: Blue Claw Co.


blue claw co

While I was at MRket in January I finally got a chance to see the goods of one Blue Claw Co. in the flesh.  I had heard about the brand previously so when I heard they were in the Vanguards section of the show I was pretty excited.  Blue Claw was started by two guys outside of Philadelphia (Malvern to be specific) in 2010.  Their concept was simple; design practical, durable, affordable and well styled bags and other accessories that could be made in America.

Since Blue Claw’s inception they have grown their offerings from a single bag to two collections, the Urban and Classic.  The prices hover around the $300 mark, which is reasonable all things considered.   The bags looked to be very well constructed so I imagine they will hold up to a good many years of abuse.  The lines were also clean and simple and ornamentation is kept to a minimum, which I personally like.  The Ezeiza Weekender in British Tan is my piece favorite out of both collections.  But I believe that bags, like most things of style, are a matter of personal taste so it is up for you to decide if these bags are for you.  But if they are your style, I doubt you will be let down.


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