Brands To Watch: Rotenier

Brands To Watch: Rotenier

rotenier cufflinks lone ranger

I have previously relished in my love of Robin Rotenier’s cufflinks.  So I am not exactly presenting a new brand this time.  However, Robin has been nice enough to put out some new designs in the past few months, as were showcased at his booth at MRket in January and pictured below.  The highlights are the Lone Ranger collection, which commemorates the upcoming movie.  If you remember in my visit to Robin’s atelier he was working on the wax model for the Lone Ranger boots.  It was a pleasure to see the final product.  However, I was drawn toward the sea theme links, especially the mermaid.  Sadly the photos do not do the cufflinks proper justice.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say they are beautiful.


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