Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

wool cableknit hat johnstons of elgin

One of the best ways to define the seasonality of any given ensemble is through accessories.  In short, it typically holds true that lighter things for spring and summer and heavier things for fall and winter.  That has been particularly true as of late given the unsavory weather we have had here in the Northeast.

We all know that tweed is an ideal cold weather fabric for jackets and suits.  But what to pair with it?  I feel that sometimes this is where many a man strays.  Oxford, twill and corduroy are natural partners for shirts and pants.  Flannel for a slightly more formal look.  Suede is great for shoes.  But we opened by talking about accessories.

Heavy wool and cashmere scarfs are an ideal mate for a tweed jacket.  But what about fur?  Fur is exclusively (as far as I can think) a cold weather thing.  It is also heavier in appearance relative to other options.  That said, I believe a fur scarf is an excellent accompaniment to tweed, and sadly it is often overlooked.  In this instance I paired a brown rabbit fur scarf (Beretta) with the tweed jacket (vintage Macy’s), OCBD (Luxire), chinos (J. Crew) and Bean Boots.

The wool cable knit hat (Linkson Jack/Johnston’s) compliments the rest of the ensemble in weight and texture and offends none with its navy color.   Meanwhile the needlepoint belt (Tucker Blair), which is ideal for any season, brings it all together.

wear fur and tweed together



  1. I must say that I loved your post. I find that mixing and matching textures is very refreshing, especially in the colder months. Its creates depth in a look and looks completely original. Your rabbit scarf is very nice and looks great with your outfit. Thank you for this, and I love your blog and I am a avid follower. Keep up the great work!



  2. Tweed is my go-to for the colder months, as it is just as much functional as it is fashionable. I have a simple tweed blazer that fits me Very well and literally goes with everything. Grays, blacks, browns, blues, reds….everything. A suit coat or blazer does an amazing thing to the eye of the beholder and really accentuates men’s figures. If I didn’t live in such a high climate area, I would wear one every day.

  3. Justin, do you think that an older guy like me should go forth wearing fur that makes a bigger statement than my rack of leather bomber jackets with fur collars? I have a brown-and-white fox scarf bought from ebay that measures 46 inches in length. Its coloring is totally natural, so it looks great with a whiskey brown suede car coat. Before wearing it out of the house, I should photograph myself in it and send it to you to see what you think. Wearing jeans and western boots the same color as the coat, tough suede barn gloves… I think I can get away with it and a brown knit beanie. Any thoughts?