Fine And Dandy Shop Hits New York City

Fine And Dandy Shop Hits New York City


fine and dandy shop opens in nyc

Alas, Fine And Dandy Shop opens its brick and mortar version in NYC.  The shop is tucked away on a quiet block of w 49th st, 445 w 49th st to be exact.  The shop is decorated with a combination of product and vintage paraphenalia, like the ‘Dress well and succeed’ poster (photo below).  Much of the merchandise is the same as is on the website.  But it is always nice to see something before purchasing it.  However, there are additions to the sites repertoire, like some of the hats.  The shop is manned by Matt and Enrique (last picture), whom I have had nothing but kind encounters with.

You can check the website for an idea of the aesthetic of the stores offerings.  Some of the pocket squares are great (I picked up one that was American Revolution themed), as are the braces.  However, I should say the ties are a little narrow for my tastes.  I won’t wear anything less than 3.25″ at the widest point and theirs come in narrower than that.  But, if I did wear narrower ties I would have certainly taken a few home with me.  Or, perhaps better yet, they will stock ties of a greater width.  But this is just a matter of personal taste.  Anyway, the store is a nice and welcome addition to the NYC menswear retail scene so we here at FYGblog wish it the best of luck.  And for those of you in NYC, I recommend a stop by the store.

Happy Shopping,

Justin L Jeffers

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  1. Let me be the first to endorse this shop, this business and these boys….. Superb and quality accessories at highly reasonable prices – and with such attention to detail in everything Matt & Enrique due ….. Customer Satisfaction is paramount.

  2. Nice pic of the ascots. I notice you don’t give them any discussion anywhere…do you not approve of them or is it a future topic? I’d like to hear your thoughts in a full post.

    • Jay D,
      I do approve of ascots and think they can be pretty awesome if done well. Not sure if there will be a dedicated post on them anytime soon though, but will keep your request in mind.