MRket: Hook And Albert

MRket: Hook And Albert


hook and albert socks and shoe laces

Michael Macko’s Vanguard collection was ripe with interesting and fun burgeoning menswear designers (Armstrong & Wilson, Rotenier, Shwood), Hook And Albert being one of them.  Hook And Albert is best known for its colored shoe laces and bad ass socks.  They also make a mean lapel flower (see below), perhaps the nicest I’ve seen.  I liked how they were substantial in both appearance and feel.  But the trend lovers out there may favor the camo socks.  But they also have more classic motifs like stripes and polka dots.  It is no secret that I strongly favor over the calf socks for their functional and aesthetic benefits.  However, the brand swears by its mid calf socks so I will give them a shot; my thoughts on them to come in the future.  Regardless of whether we are talking about laces or socks, Hook And Albert’s products provide a nice way for a man to shoe a little more expression in their wardrobe choices.  I look forward to seeing what the brand comes up with in the future.

hook and alber shoe laces

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