MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013

MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013


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This seasons MRket show in NYC was another strong showing from some great brands.  Brands were showing their goods for fall/winter 2014.  As was the case last June there was a great installation from the gents at Brooklyn Dry Goods (photos above) to greet the attendees.  This time round they choose prohibition as the theme, and executed it exceedingly well.  Michael Macko’s picks were also on display, like last time.  There were many of the same brands from the show last June, but also some new one’s.  Most notably in the Vanguards section which includes brands like Rotenier, Armstrong & Wilson, Blue Claw and Shwood.  And to be honest, it is in this section where there are the most progressive brands, at least for the MRket show.  PROJECT is a whole other story on that front, but we will cover that in a separate post.  Check below for some of my favorite products.  Sadly, I did not make it to all the booths I wanted to in time.  Apologies to Southern Tide, Scarpe Di Bianco and Edward Armah.  Keep an eye out for them when fall items hit the shelves this summer.  Big thanks to all the brands that took time to speak with me and to BJI for having me.


Justin L Jeffers


Some of the offerings from Blue Claw. A bag company based outside Philadelphia with production in America. I will cover them more in depth in a separate post.

Blue claw bags

Awesome display from Hook + Albert. They are expanding their lapel flower offerings. They have also started offering sew on elbow pads, see the photo below.

hook and albert lapel flowers

hook and albert elbow pads

Since June Swhood has expanded its product range. It has also slimmed and smoothed out the silhouette of its sunglasses so they look more natural on the wearers face.  Some awesome stuff.

shwood sunglasses

shwood wood sunglasses shwood sunglasses case

As always Drakes ties brought some awesome ties.  Michael Hill is consistently pushing the envelope in a tasteful, conservative and wearable manner.  The blue grenadine with wool woven in is of particular note.

Drakes ties drakes wool ties drakes grenadine tie

Waskered is a brand that I had never heard of.  And they are based in Manayunk, which is ten minutes from my house.  Anyway, Waskered makes small leather goods by hand in Manayunk.  I will cover them in more detail in a separate post.


Well Bred is a new shoe line based in Minneapolis, if memory serves me right.  Their designer, Jorge Gomez, said he wanted to design shoes that were effectively simple and stripped of unnecessary ornamentation.  All shoes are made in America.

well bred saddle shoe

well bred shoes well bred shoes

Moore & Giles is one of the brands that I had never heard of.  But they will be staying on my radar.  Some of the coolest leather bags I have seen to date.  They were nice enough to speak to me about their product.  They said that over time they have developed very strong relations with many of their leather suppliers which has allowed them to make some really great products with some unique leathers, like the tan bison bag below; my favorite bag of the show.

moore and giles bags moore and giles leather bags

Rotenier was again at MRket with some of their great cufflinks.  Robin has some pretty new stuff coming out soon so I will cover that in a separate post.

rotenier cufflinks

Bills Khakis was back with some more great stuff.  Highly recommend their chinos.  I have two pair and will be wearing them until they fall apart.

bills khakis bills khakis jacket bills khakis tweed jackets

Vineyard Vines was present with its normal fare.  I loved the pink corduroys, but would prefer plain ones so they would be more wearable.  But who knows, maybe they will have plain ones.  I have been looking for some pink cords for a while.  They were also showing their version of camo and some new windbreakers.  But my heart goes out to the pink cords.

vineyard vines pink corduroys vineyard vines camo bathing suit vineyard vines windbreaker

In an effort to appeal to a younger audience Allen Edmonds was showing some great colored chukkas and lace ups along with their tried and true classics.

allen edmonds suede chukkas allen edmonds suede cap toe

Philadelphia based Armstrong & Wilson was back again with another round of strong products.  They are adding suspenders to the line, which given my borderline fanatacism about them I am excited.  To say the least.

armstrong and wilson tie armstrong and wilson pocket squares IMG_8873

armstrong and wilson suspenders

Another brand that I had never heard of, Stinson Rely, had some very dandy pants.  Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with Mr. Stinson but I feel as if he would have some interesting things to say.  Very cool pants.

stinson rely tailor

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of this shoe brand and I cannot find the cards of the men behind it.  But I will keep looking.  They make some awesome classic shoes.  The braided leather slipper style shoes were my favorite.

IMG_8878 IMG_8879

Karl Guerre of Guerrisms was on hand to cover show as well (as was Justin Livingston from Scout Sixteen).  Guerre has perhaps the most effortlessly comfortable style I have ever seen.  I feel like it is the sartorial equivalent of comfort food.  And yes, that is a shawl collared sweater and a tweed suit.


Jan Leslie was on hand again with some of her beautiful cufflinks.  Added to the line this time round were some more offerings with mother of pearl.  Beautiful, as always.

IMG_8889 IMG_8890 IMG_8893

Collared Greens is a company I have been hearing about but had never seen the products in the flesh.  So it was nice to see what they bring to the table.  Lots of southern and prep influenced neckwear

IMG_8902 IMG_8903

Peter Blair is another based in the south tie company.  They boast slightly higher prices but also a higher level of quality.  Whimsical designs and motifs a plenty.  They also do custom orders, if your club or school is in the market.

IMG_8907 IMG_8908

We discussed Southern Proper last time around and they were back again with some more fun offerings.  I particularly liked the block stripe horizontal ties.

IMG_8909 IMG_8911 IMG_8912 IMG_8914

High Cotton is a new brand on my radar.  I was intrigued by how their ties came about so I’m going to have a separate post on them soon.  But those cummerbunds are bad ass.

IMG_8916      IMG_8925

Some of the most beautiful and simple drivers I have seen.  Featured at the Le Cordonnerie Anglaise booth.


A very interesting 2-tone crepe soled loafer from Alfred Sargent.  I suppose you could argue that it is the loafer version of a spectator.


TM Stock ties was also back again.  This time they brought textured weave ties.  But most importantly, they are building up an ecommerce site so the tie will be available online.

IMG_8936 IMG_8938 IMG_8939

Castaway Clothing, one of my favorite uber prep brands was showing in full force.  I prefer wide wale corduroys and I think the orange ones below are the widest I have seen.  Can’t wait for these to hit shelves.

IMG_8945 IMG_8946

The most American hat.  Courtesy of State Traditions.



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