MRket: Jan Leslie Cufflinks

MRket: Jan Leslie Cufflinks


mother of pearl tuxedo studs

There were two cufflink makers that really caught my eye at MRket.  The first being Rotenier and the second being Jan Leslie.  Both make beautiful cufflinks and fortunately they are distinctly different.  Jan Leslie’s cufflinks are colorful, playful and expressive.  Many of them are accentuated by moving parts such as arms and legs.  Almost all of the links play to a certain theme or allude to a well known motif.  My favorites included the mother of pearl flowers (above) and the angel/devil monkeys (below).  The mother of pearl studs and cufflinks are so simple and so elegant, an ideal accompaniment to any man’s dinner jacket.  However, upon talking with Ms. Leslie she revealed that she has made Tastykake Krimpet cufflinks.  Being a Philadelphia/Main Line native and thus a Tastykake enthusiast I became extremely excited, unfortunately, they were a limited run and none were present at MRket.  I hope to one day see and subsequently acquire them.  Regardless, what was there was nothing short of stellar and unique.

jan leslie angel and devil cufflinks

santa cufflinks

bull and bear cufflinks

cowboy and indian cufflinks

jan leslie monkey cufflinks

skull and crossbone cufflinks

octopussy cufflinks

jan leslie bear cufflinks


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