MRket: The Smathers & Branson Preppy Style

MRket: The Smathers & Branson Preppy Style


Smathers & Branson is the go-to brand for needlepoint belts for preps.  The collection the brand brought to MRket was the largest assortment I have seen in a single location, very visually appealing.  Historically, they have produced (and still do) the best needlepoint belts available for retail.  It goes without saying that the designs they come up with are spot on.  Over the past few years they have been constantly expanding their line to include key fobs, flasks, wallets, cufflinks, hats, pillows and most recently tote bags.  Given my enthusiasm for tote bags (whether used by man or woman) I am particularly interested to see what direction Smathers takes with them.  Peter Smathers Carter was nice enough to take a few minutes to discuss the past, present and future of both his brand and the needlepoint industry with me and let’s say I’m quite excited for the future.

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  1. I will always love S&B’s firsts, the belts, the keychains…but not crazy about the spin-offs to date.
    – “needlepoint” on a hat is hokey- it defies logic… this is the exclusive domain of embroidery; and every tom dick and harry does that.
    – another floating needle point trasgression- that tote- why not needle-point the whole pocket panel?- economy? when was needlepoint ever for the poor?
    -Camo needlepoint? need I say more?
    I’ll end by saying that the new pillows are great, and classic as the belts and I understand the need to become diverse- but don’t go too far… Vineyard vines did it, Stubbs did it, BB has done it-