MRket: The Harding Lane Preppy Style

MRket: The Harding Lane Preppy Style


Harding Lane needlepint hat

Harding Lane is a company whose products I have been hearing about for the past few months but had yet to see them in the flesh until MRket.  The brand was started by a brother-sister duo from Massachusettes.  For the most part the motifs harken to all things prep; as you would expect given the designs are needlepoint.  However, upon talking with the brand it is clear they have hopes to incorporate a broader spectrum of motifs, like their collaboration with Opening Ceremony (ie. not just preppy things).  Also of note is the back strap, which is of sail cloth; a nice touch indeed.  It should go without saying, but my favorite design is the one of Nantucket (followed by the mermaid).  Harding Lane states that what makes their hats superior to competitors is the depth of the hat (as well as the designs), and I will second the value of having a deep hat; it stays on the head much better.  I look to Harding Lane to post up some great designs in the coming months, stay tuned.

harding lane needlepoint hats

harding lane needlepoint seagull hat

harding lane lighthouse needlepoint hat

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