MRket: The State Traditions Preppy Style

MRket: The State Traditions Preppy Style


Do you love your state?  Maybe you do, but probably not as much as these Alabama gentlemen love Alabama.  State Traditions is another brand that I encountered for the first time at MRket, and I’m glad I did encounter them.  The gear is unquestionably preppy, with a heavy bent on all things southern (as we all know us northerners don’t seem to take as much pride in our states as our southern compatriots).  Anyway, the concept is simple and concise, like many good things.  Polo shirts, visors, ties (check the State Traditions/Southern Proper collaboration bowtie below), t-shirts, belts and the like are adorned with a state’s outline, colors and flag.  Unlike many pieces of state logo gear I have seen in my life these gents keep things classy and presentable.  Although they don’t have every state covered yet I expect their presence to grow.  If you want to see something for your state that they don’t have, just shoot them a tweet; they’re good listeners.

Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of material compensation from either State Traditions or MRket in exchange for discussing the show or brand.