MRket: The Vineyard Vines Preppy Style

MRket: The Vineyard Vines Preppy Style


To my surprise (and delight) there was a section of MRket that is ruled by preppy brands; Vineyard Vines, Smathers & Branson, Southern Tide, Castaway, Southern Proper etc.  Given my roots in things of that sort I thought it a logical place to start.  I will say Vineyard Vines was laying down some solid game at the show.  In particular their Kentucky Derby collection.  The gingham seersucker pants with embroidered horseshoes were perhaps my favorite item; the ties from the same collection a close second. The rest of the VV stand was filled to the brim with all things pastel and Vineyard Vines take on nouveau prep gear (which you could argue they invented), and depending on which side of the fence you are on you also either love it or hate it.  Right now I am for the former.  But either way, I look forward to seeing the Derby gear in the stores.



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