Office Survival Kit

Office Survival Kit


You never know what conundrums of cleanliness you will encounter on any given day, but it is best to be prepared for unfortunate events.  There are a few basic things that every gentleman should have both at home and office (if at all possible).  The most important is a lint roller, especially in the winter time when random specks dust and lint pepper one’s wool coat like stars in the sky.  They are also crucial for pre-meeting cleanings.  You do not want to be the gent who has dandruff on his shoulders or lint all over his suit; it can have an adverse effect on others perception of you.  Also of importance is a shoe horn.  In the event you have to put your shoes back on the use of a shoe horn is always ideal.  And a shoe brush in the event your shoes get dirty.  What is not pictured above is a Tide to go pen, or the like.  They are excellent for small stains on cotton shirts (out of fear I have not used one on wool pants or suit, for I do not know how they would work and do not want to risk damaging the fabric).

Now, there are obviously other things one can keep around but these four things cover most bases.  A additional benefit of having all of these on hand is you never know when a peer (or superior) will need the services of one of these four tools.  Needless to say, it is best to be prepared.


  1. Good hints Justin- I also am a great believer in a clothes brush and the occasional use of a sponge . My gut feeling is to many office workers head straight for the dry cleaner when some basic cleaning at home or work will suffice and prolong the life of your suit. In fact my one and only bespoke suit has only been to the dry cleaners once in 9 years.