Brands To Watch: The Knottery

Brands To Watch: The Knottery


As of late I have been in some sort of tie phase.  I think it was started off by my obsession with silk knit ties and from there it has been all downhill…  Or maybe up hill…  Anyway, along my usual travels through the internet I cam across a very small brand called The Knottery.  I was intrigued by some of the brands products so I decided acquisitions were necessary.

From what I can tell The Knottery only does limited product runs (like Everlane), so once somethings gone, its gone.  From the consumer side there are both pros and cons and I suppose we are to assume there are only pros on the producer side.  They also do not accept returns,
which I imagine has something to do with limited product runs.  Business model aside, the prices are good, very good.  My beloved silk knit ties are only $25.  Too good to be true, well, almost. Other ties and accessories are comparably priced.

I ordered three things the ‘Blogger Blue’ silk knit tie (25$), the ‘Water Carrier’ wool cable knit tie ($25) and the ‘The Felon’ lapel flower ($8).  I almost also purchased the lapel eyeglass holder and another tie.  Upon ordering I was slightly concerned with the width of their silk knit ties, that being 3″.  Slightly too wide for my tastes, as I think 2.75″ is ideal. However, upon receiving the tie I don’t mind the extra width that much.  But it is the actual knit and the end of the tie that I take up more issue with.  I think the knit is too fine, I prefer a chunkier and rougher knit.  However, the color is great and my issues with the tie are not significant enough to not wear it.  In fact, I am quite excited to debut it this spring.   The wool cable knit tie also had great and not so great aspects to it.  The width again is 3″, which with a wool knit I do not mind as much, however, I think there is too much framing on the side of the cables and the cables themselves could be slightly wider.  However, I have worn the tie, it knots well, looks good and is susceptible to receiving compliments from the fairer sex.

To be honest when I put the lapel flower in my shopping cart I was not sure I would ever wear it for its intended purpose.  That being worn on the lapel via my oft heralded lapel button hole.  It was a purchase made because I was mostly curious about this little ditty.  I had seen things like it on various street style blogs.  I had mixed feelings.  The actual flower is quite neat.  It is well knit and presents a clean look. However, much like another one of my recent acquisitions I am not quite sure when and where I would wear it.

In conclusion I would say that although there may be some complaints that I have on the designs of the products I reviewed The Knottery offers some solid and unique products at solid prices.  Better products can certainly be found but the prices cannot be beat here.  The site is definitely worth a look and I am very curious to see what these gentlemen will churn out next.


Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of compensation for writing on The Knottery.  Furthermore, FYGblog is in no way associated with The Knottery at this time.


  1. Thanks for the Knottery. I have been looking for a flower lapel for a mighty long time. I found it on Etsy, but decided against paying $26 for one. The knottery sales them for $8….