Things I Wear, X

Things I Wear, X


Suit: Indochino. Shoes: Suit Supply. Shirt: Jos Bank. Tie: Chipp 2. Pocket Square: unbranded.

Keeping with the weather of the mid part of this week I opted for what I think to be a more spring look.  I was also testing out my Indochino suit upon getting it back from the tailor, I am pretty happy with it, the only real issue if my fault.  That being the shoulders are ever so slightly too wide.  But we’ll discuss that another time, in the final post in the Indochino series.  Anyway, it was also the debut of the ‘Fuck You’ tie from Chipp 2 (the tie actually says ‘fuck you’).  For the record, I did NOT wear the tie around the office, instead I put it on on my way out. But I thought it appropriate for dinner in the Meatpacking District.  And the blue suede tassel loafers…  My new obsession.

Braces: Albert Thurston.

Admittedly, not the best photo, but the emphasis should not be on my face but on the clothing.  I am pretty sure I was having visions of Nantucket, oh how I miss the promised land.  In this instance the idea was to match the braces with the tie.  It is too bad the shoulders of the shirt fit terribly, it totally ruins a potentially clean look.  I find this problem to be one of the most prevalent in menswear. I cannot wait till I can phase out all of my old shirts with better fitting made to measure/custom ones.

Long Live The Weekend,



  1. ahhh dont we all wish we could get rid of the poorly fitting ones and keep only the custom ones. nice flow, bro

  2. Hey Justin before going down the expensive bespoke path for shirts why not investigate some of the other English online shirt makers such as Harvie & Hudson . I have found their slim fit range gets rid of the excess fabric without being too tight.

    • Geoff,
      Good rec, thank you. I checked out a few of them and some of them fit decently well. I found the TM Lewin’s to be the best fit for me, especially the John Francomb extra slim fit line. I picked up 5 of them when I was over in London last summer and have been pretty happy with them. But the fit could still be better and for a price that is not prohibitive, as I’ve found reasonable success with some of the mtm shirt companies that have shirts for under $100. The marginal benefit is greater than the marginal cost in my view.

  3. I just posted my final review comment on my Indochino purchase over in that series…perhaps I just got a “dud”… because yours looks great. (It does seem that consistency in construction and fit are the biggest issues with that brand.)

  4. Can you tell us a little more about those suitsupply shoes?
    I’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger on them.As we don’t have a store in our country I have to go the online route but they are extremely vague on their site about the shoes. So please coud you tell us what kind of welt they have(I don’t know if I phrased this correctly but I guess you understand what I mean), what’s the quality of the leather like, how are they compared to other quality shoes you have?

    Thanks in advance, Eduardo

    • Eduardo,

      I love the shoes. I have gotten a lot of questions on them so I am going to do a post on them. But, to precede that I’ll share a few things on them. The suede is pretty soft, but more importantly, the leather inside of the shoe is soft. In general the upper is flexible and has not taken much time to break in, as it is suede you would expect it to be softer than calf leather. I believe they are blake welted; as they do not seem to be Good Year welted; but then I am no expert here. Overall, however, I would say the construction and finishing of the shoe is on par for the price point. I regard the shoe as a very good value. They also make it in a braided leather, which I have been thinking of acquiring; they are quite stellar.


      • Thank you so much for the fast reply!

        I’ve been searching for a pair of navy tassel loafers on a good price for long. I’m quite a fan os suitsupply, owning a few sportcoats, suits and shirts, but on shoes I’ve been quite constant with crockett&jones that I find on ebay or sites with good discounts. So, searching constantly for discounts, you rarely get a chance to escape the browns and blacks range…