Things I Wear, XII

Things I Wear, XII


Knowing how to dress for the weather is an essential attribute of any well dressed man (or woman).  On this day the weather was nearly perfect, spring at its finest.  Sun was abundant with only a few sparse clouds.  The temperature hovered around 75.  As such I opted for a navy blue wool/mohair fresco from My Tailor.  The fresco weave is more open in comparison to a gabardine or twill; allowing for greater air circulation; ideal for warm weather.  A simple solid white shirt, also from My Tailor, was chosen.  It provided the perfect backdrop for the yellow and white polka dot linen tie from Brooks Brothers; which I would only wear when the sun is present.  The linen of the tie adding another spring/summer element.  A tie bar with a skull and crossbones emblem on it from J. Press, on a slant, of course.  I chose to tie the socks to the tie by using bright yellow socks.  Additionally, a white cotton pocket square adorned the breast pocket.  And finally, tan wing tips.


  1. I like it. I worry about matching socks and ties so its nice to see someone else do it and pull it off.