On The Virtues Of Croakies…

On The Virtues Of Croakies…


Admittedly, they are not for everyone, but croakies are one of the finer things in life.  A simple and practical pleasure.

I know nothing of their history, you know, how they came about and stuff like that.  But am rather familiar with their current place which seems to be heavily rooted in the preppy, ‘bro’ and southern style circles.  Or at least I guess that’s what you could call them.  I also see them a lot in the boating/sailing scene, but that overlaps somewhat with the previous three.  No doubt, rocking a set of croakies (or similar product) can add that little extra edge to your style.  But what is most important is their functionality.

In my younger years I would wear them on my sunglasses with limited frequency.  However, a most violent toss from a wave runner on senior year spring break resulted in the loss of a pair of aviators.  I foolishly had not donned croakies for the outing.  I vowed to myself that this would never again happen.  So nowadays croakies are attached to a majority of my pairs of sunglasses.  I have not lost a pair since.  And a happier and richer man I am for that.



  1. I really hope you are only endorsing the use of croakies while engaged in boating/jet skiing, or some other type of physical activity.
    I see young men wearing these things in business attire, and it makes me immediately dismiss them as being ignorant and foolish. If you don’t have the ability to keep track of your sunglasses without having them tied to your persons, I’m probably going to assume you don’t have what it takes for me to do business with you.

    If you want to wear these while doing sporting activities where you might lose your glasses, go ahead. But if you wear them in any other setting, just know that the rest of us are going to judge you accordingly.

    • Jim,
      I wear them in any setting where I may lose them or someone will try to take them (as girls have a habit of doing, unfortunately), which includes things outside of sporting events; such as social events and the beach. I dislike things in my pockets and it is extremely convenient to let them hang from the neck. I wouldn’t recommend them with business attire either, unless of course you don’t care about or take your job seriously.

  2. Justin,
    A few things to consider: croakies don’t work with every style of glass. They are most common/appropriate for fishing glasses, like Costa’s. Also, the method of attachment does not need to be the large neoprene band, which seems to be mid-90s. See here: https://www.costadelmar.com/shop/accessories
    for better options.