Questions From The Readers, IV (On Wallets)

Questions From The Readers, IV (On Wallets)



My question for you is regarding wallets. I carry a bulky wallet, always have. Now that I begin to think more about my entire head-to-toe appearance I realize that not only does it bulge in my pocket, but it is also weighing me down. Before I go out and buy a smaller wallet or some sort of money clip, I was curious if you had any suggestions. I am looking for something both functional and appropriate. Any thoughts?




Again, pleasure hearing from you. Glad you enjoy the blog.

Now, regarding your question.  I dealt with this dilemma personally last year when it was time to replace my old wallet.  I was using a simple credit card size wallet/money clip from Coach. It was great, had a slim profile so it had minimal adverse aesthetic effect when in my pocket and still had space for most of what I needed on a daily basis, but not everything.  Its storage space was limited so I decided I needed something larger so I went to a full sized wallet. Having the extra storage is nice, however, the larger wallet can be a pain.  So, sometimes I will switch between the two depending on my needs for any given day or night.  Sometimes I’ll even go sans wallet if all I’ll need is cash, credit and ID (usually this is if I’m going out).  Sometimes its best to have options.  Which would be my recommendation, to have both a slim profile (card size) wallet and a full sized wallet.  But if you truly want to stay with one wallet I’d say go for a full wallet but try to keep the contents to a minimum to cut down on its bulk.

I hope this helps, if you have any follow up questions please don’t hesitate to ask.




  1. I agree with the theme of keeping wallet contents to a minimum. It is very easy to let your wallet bulk out with a lot of non essential stuff such as store loyalty cards, credit card receipts , business cards etc. Have regular cull outs of the wallet and choose one with soft leather so that it can mould to the shape of your body.

  2. Ditto on the active cullings. I use a slim Paul Smith card wallet, and typically don’t carry more cash than will fit folded into the center pocket. On some occasions, I break out a money clip in tandem with the wallet if I anticipate needing more cash on a given outing.

  3. One answer to this dilemma. Jack Spade “Card Holder”

    I dealt with the same situation for a while. I liked the idea of slimming down my wallet as I wanted to be able to keep it in my front pocket or jacket chest pocket. I first moved to a true money clip, a Tiffany Atlas Pattern one to be exact. It certainly looked sharp but was not capable of carrying out the job to say the least.. issues with losing cards etc. and as the clip slowly stretched from its original shape I had to part ways.

    I next moved to the standard leather card holder with magnetic leather money clip attached at one side. This proved useful although the clip made the whole thing a bit clunkier which took me back to the wallet days. The magnet bar is a bit heavy and keeping all cards in one opening is a bit too busy… end up shuffling through every time you need your ID or go to pay for something and it can be obnoxious

    I finally landed on the jack spade card holder. The design is two side pockets and an inner compartment. I keep two cards on each side, 2 cards and cash in the middle pocket with ample room. On a seasonal basis they roll out new patters and designs for these cardholders which are always new and add often have some spunk. The weight is perfect as it doesn’t sag when wearing in a jacket chest pocket. I couldn’t be happier, definitely recommend a Jack Spade Cardholder.,default,sc.html

  4. I also had the issue having a standard bifold wallet that was somehow way too big for me. I never really knew where I should have it. After some initial doubts and consultation with friends, I changed to a small wallet. Admittedly, it was the best decision. I’m completely happy. Nowadays, I carry six cards with me, some notes and one paper loyalty Card.