Brands To Watch: Waskerd

Brands To Watch: Waskerd


waskerd wallets

Bumbling down the aisles of MRket over the past few seasons has proven to be pretty fruitful in terms of discovering new brands.  Some of which I have only briefly heard about and other I have never heard of.  Waskerd is one of the latter.  And I was rather embarrassed that I had not heard of them when Derek Shaw (the founder) told me the company is based in the Philadelphia area.  Manayunk to be exact.  Right across the river from the Mother Land!

From what I have come to understand the concept behind the brand is pretty simple.  Minimal, practical, attractive and hand crafted goods.  Mostly leather wallets and small bags.  But aside from those products Waskerd also does custom work, including leather presses (which reminds me, I want to get a wax press to seal all my correspondences, some Ned Stark shit).  But for all of you Made In America fanatics the best part of the brand may be that everything is produced in Derek’s studio in Manayunk.  You can see some of the steps in the photos below, Derek was nice enough to show me how he makes his wallets while at MRket.  I hope this is only the beginning for him and his brand.


waskerd custom leather press

waskerd leather

hand made leather goods

waskerd leather bag

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