Some Thoughts On Boat Shoes…

Some Thoughts On Boat Shoes…


I love my Top-Siders, all four pairs of them.  These are my go-tos when for pretty much any time I leave my apartment in casual dress.  They have nearly seen their day, the soles are parting with the upper and some of the leather is wearing.  But they have been through a lot – the streets and bars of New York City, college bars, a 10,000 mile road trip, Nantucket and the Far Hills Hunt to name a few things.  After time the laces just don’t stay tied like they used to, so I cut them off and am left with this; it kinda reminds me of the flared tassels I discussed a while back.  I won’t be doing this to all of my Top-Siders.  But for some, like these, I think it is definitely the way to go.  I think it is a more streamlined and low maintnence look.  And maybe like the flared tassels there is a little bit of rebellion thrown in the mix.  Thoughts?


  1. Glad to see someone else does this! I have used the Boat Shoe Knot in the past, but grew tired of it. I believe that the simple knot states, “Yes, my Top-Siders have seen some serious use…it appears to me that you just purchased yours.”

    Great post.