Things I Wear: Club Dress Follow-Up

Things I Wear: Club Dress Follow-Up


club tie and blazer

A few weeks ago I voiced my support for a proper dress code at a club.  Which should have come as no surprise to any of you.  A few nights later I was fortunate enough to be back in the Motherland (Bryn Mawr) and even more fortunate to have a meal in the new formal dining room, of which the dress code was discussed during said supporting voicing.  Anyway, I thought it prudent to show how I thought it appropriate to dress for such an occasion, in case any of you are ever in a similar situation and in need of guidance.

I chose to keep things simple and traditional.  For shoes I chose brown suede tassel loafers from Scarosso, note how the tassels are a darker shade then the rest of the shoe.  A touch I quite like (the shoes are custom will be reviewed subsequently, another pair has already been reviewed).  Given that we were well into the fall I felt mid grey flannel trousers to be quite appropriate, finished off with a brown suede belt to go with the tassels on the loafers.  And although you cannot see it, the buckle is brass, to match the brass blazer buttons, of course (see Rule 1).  And the blazer happens to be from Lilly Pulitzer.  The shirt is an oxford cloth button down from Luxire (which we reviewed here).  The tie has the logo of the club on it and was made by Ralph Lifschitz.  It is NOT one of those nefarious fake club ties that he and some other notable establishments have produced over the years.  Speaking of which, the wearing of those should be grounds for being shot on sight, as they are in the poorest of taste.  And finally we have a white linen pocket square and no socks.

Keep up the good fight,



PS – Interior decorating done by Mother Dearest.  Pretty good, if I may say so myself.