Goodbye Whites…

Goodbye Whites…


Shoes: Peal & Co (Brooks Brothers), Pants: Lilly Pulitzer


It is again that time…

Come this next Monday (aka Labor Day) it will again be time to put away our whites.  That is our white shoes, shorts and pants; tennis and squash whites are appropriate year round.  Strictly speaking the rule is that white shoes (white bucks like those pictured above), white shorts and white pants should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day (although some people argue for Easter).  Being the traditionalist that I am I do tend to adhere to this rule with the utmost care, as I recommend you do as well.  For now I will spare you all the lecture on the origin of this tradition but you should at least know the rule.

As we all know, it’s fun to break the rules.  And this rule you will see broken by both sexes, especially females.  I postulate that prevalence of ‘winter white’ will be on the rise this coming fall/winter.  Obviously, it is easier to justify extending white wear in the warmer (mostly southern) climates.  Like all things related to what you wear the decision is ultimately yours, but remember that just because you see others making a mistake does not make it OK for you to make that same mistake.