How Many Is Too Many?

How Many Is Too Many?


I was struggling with packing for my weekend back home this weekend.  I not only have to pack normal day wear but also for the Far Hills Hunt and my father’s Birthday dinner.  The weather is supposed to be splendid for The Hunt, but I still believe I will require some form of outer layer.  I have narrowed my choices to a blazer of fleece vest.   I could not decide which vest would be best for the day.

This dilemma got me thinking, how many Patagonias is too many?  Being that I am not a fan of moderation I do not think that one can have too many, but that may just be me.  The Patagonia Retro X (or as F.E. Castleberry calls them, ‘sherpa fleece’) vests reign supreme in the world of fleece vests, especially in the prep world.  The texture, feel, style and warmth is second to none. There are just some things you should not be without and some things that you can never have to many of…

See you at The Hunt