An Ode To My Favorite Polo Shirt

An Ode To My Favorite Polo Shirt


A few years back Lilly Pulitzer brought these badass long sleeve polos to the market.  The mens line was prematurely cut short, much to my dismay (maybe they’ll try again, third times a charm, right?).  I voiced my grievances to the powers that be at the legendary prep powerhouse but it was to no avail.  Luckily I acquired a sizeable stash of pocket squares, jackets, bathing suits and polo shirts before things came to an end.  Among my favorite pieces from the few seasons the collection lasted were these long sleeve polo shirts.  What sets them apart are their barrel cuffs (button cuffs).  I vowed that if I were ever to have my own clothing line that shirts like these would be in the collection.  Well, Kent Wang and Ascot Chang beat me to it.

Last spring, I think it was May to be exact, Mr. Wang blew up the menswear blogosphere with his cutaway collar polo shirt.  A few months later he released it in a long sleeve version.  With barrel cuffs.  I have yet to see one in the flesh, but I have heard good things on forums and other blogs.  I have seen the Ascot Chang shirts, they are very nice, as they should be at that price point.  Well done gents.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.  The Lilly long sleeve polos are not only some of my favorite pieces the brand has put out but some of my favorite articles of clothing I own.  They are my favorite polo shirts.  Hands down.  I will wear them till they cannot be worn anymore.  I wish they still made them.  But damn, they were good while you could get them.


  1. as we all know lily menswear is no longer… if you are craving something to this spirit look to charles tyrwhitt.. making something along the same lines with a nice touch in the cuff/underside of the collar.. adds a bit of swagger.

    i know a pima polo does no justice to a pique but it may be the next best thing out there… they have quite a few color/pattern combinations.'s-casualwear/men's-polo-shirts/Navy-long-sleeve-pima-polo?q=usgob||JD002NAV|||||||||||||

  2. I agree , Charles Tyrwhitt does some great long sleeve polos in Pima cotton with barrel cuff. I have the navy with Bengal stripe shirting fabric under the collars and cuffs. I also have the same in purple. Great for casual wear in early spring and autumn.