On The Details…

On The Details…


It is sometimes the small details of a piece of clothing that really make it stand out.  The buttons, the kind of stitching, the pocket lining.  Oh, and then there is monogramming…

Monogramming: Brooke Boothe Design & Monogramming. Pants: Bills Khakis.

In this case a monogram in the shape of a sailboat does all the work for these pants, which are already nearly perfect (we all know how I love Bills Khakis).  Monogramming adds a personal touch to nearly any garment.  However, one does need to exercise good taste when monogramming, as the size, shape, color, position and style must all tie with what is being monogrammed.  For if any of these elements are off your garment is ruined and you will look tasteless.


  1. On the Nantucket shorts that were embroidered with many emblems all over the shorts…what store in Nantucket did all the embroidery and application of patches and logos and lobsters etc? the one that had all the fathers favorite clubs and places and activities etc