MRket: The Bills Khakis Preppy Style

MRket: The Bills Khakis Preppy Style


I have previously spoken on my love of Bills Khakis (and yes, they really are that good) so as you would imagine I spent a good amount of time perusing the Bills Khakis outpost at MRket.  And if you feel similarly to who I do about Bills you should be excited for when their spring/summer 2013 gear hits retailers.  The madras on hand was strong; however, the rasberry and pink shirt was the first item to really catch my attention (even though it is a RTW shirt).  Bills is based in Reading, PA (which is not too far from the Motherland, aka The Main Line) and to the best of my knowledge much (if not all) of their production (cutting, sewing and construction) sits there as well.  So yeah, these bad boys are Made in the USA.

Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of material compensation from either Bills Khakis or MRket.