MRket: The Southern Tide Preppy Style

MRket: The Southern Tide Preppy Style


Southern Tide is a brand I have been fond of for a few years.  I own one of their Skipjack polos, it occupies a spot in the regular polo rotation.  However, I must say that I am more a fan of the like color logo polos (see 2nd picture below) which remind me of a good monogram; only those you want to let close enough to you get to see it.  Jim Twining, Southern Tide’s CEO was eager to point out their new sandal, the Flipjack, which has grooves on the top and bottom that are reminiscent of those on the legendary Top-Sider sole (cue images of sailing).  The rest of the booth was drenched in all things pastel, a welcome visual break from the black and demin that too many New Yorkers favor…

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