Murray's Toggery Shop Store Visit

Murray's Toggery Shop Store Visit


Murray's, Main St. Nantucket

Few stores, if any, represent the prep aesthetic as well as Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket.  It will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Since 1945 it has been a family owned and run business providing only the finest of prep garb and has stood the test of time; immune to the style fads and trends at any given time.  I remember buying a pair of embroidered shorts there at least 6 years ago, they still stock the exact same pair (navy blue with red embroidered lobsters).  There is something to be said about that, in only the best of ways.  When in the past much of America shyed away from preppy clothing, Murray’s kept up the good fight.  Now, with an increased interest in all things relating to American heritage and prep style Murray’s is again keeping up the good fight by sticking to what it does best, classic prep.  There are no gimmicks or lavish displays, the focus remains on what is important; the clothes.  The mens section is comprehensive, as is the women’s.  But any knowledgeable woman knows that one of the foundations of a preppy woman’s wardrobe is androgyny so she will know not to skip over the mens section for herself.   O, and did I mention that Murray’s is the shop responsible for bringing Nantucket Reds to the world?  Because it is.

Seeing Red

Aside from offering the legendary Reds Murray’s also touts brands like Ralph Lauren, Thatcher Spring, Vineyard Vines, Peter Millar, Castaway Clothing, Smathers and Branson, Nantucket Noose, Bills Khakis as well as a few other smaller labels.  But enough with writing, the pictures say it all…

Vine Central
Castaway Clothing HQ
The Full Spread
View of the main floor

If your lucky enough to find yourself on Nantucket your trip would not be complete without at least one stop at Murray’s.  It is more than just a store, it is an institution.  You see, Murray’s is a generational outfitter, it clothes generations of families.  There are not many stores that share that credential.  I know that the first time I bring my children there to get them only the finest of prep threads will indeed be a great one.

Keep up the good fight,