Nantucket Dress 101 – Reds & Whites

Nantucket Dress 101 – Reds & Whites


Nantucket is a mecca of everything prep, not just clothing.  But the clothing is second to none in terms of preppiness.   This will be the first of a multi-part segment on Nantucket style and dress.

There is no place that I have ever been where Nantucket Reds on men and white jeans on women serve as mainstays of one’s wardrobe.  Reds, you see, go with just about any fabric and color (but more on this later in a post devoted solely to Nantucket Reds).  This said, for anyone thinking of a venture to this holiest of holy places I recommend Nantucket Reds in at least one form (shorts or pants) for men.

Whites for men and women are a risk, for women I recommend at least one pair of white jeans per visit to The Box.  Gents, as a heads up red wine and sugary drink spills are part of almost every successful (or unsuccessful) courting effort that takes place on the island.  The outdoor tables and seating at Straight Wharf is a minefield.  Spilled drinks litter the tables and ground like confetti.  Goombay Smashes prove to be especially treacherous both on clothing and on one’s liver.  A trip to The Box is deadly, especially if you plan on dancing, which if you go to The Box is a must.  However, whites are ideal for The Galley where the cougars have learned how to not spill their drinks over their decades of experience drinking and courting.  But do know that wherever you decide to go you cannot go wrong in these two wardrobe staples.  Then again, if you don’t already know these things than you have a whole other set of problems on your hands.

The Box Rocks,