They’re Nantucket Red, Not Pink.

They’re Nantucket Red, Not Pink.

Nantucket Reds

I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve gotten in over the years over the color of my beloved Nantucket Reds.  The booboisie (my new favorite word thanks for Richard Press) seem to think they are some shade of pink or salmon.  But they are wrong.  Nantucket Red is its own color, a color that fades and changes over time, they carry themselves with a timeless elegance.  My pink and salmon colored shorts lie right next to my Reds in my wardrobe, so you can damn well bet I would have worn pink or salmon shorts if I wanted to wear those colors.

Nantucket Reds have this unimitable and uncopiable quality to them.  We all know people have tried (cough Ralph Lifshitz cough J. Crew cough).  They are imposters, always have been and always will be, much like the person who wears Reds but has no association to the island.  In this age of heritage obsessed brands and investors who it seems are continually trying to find the next brand to revamp, our beloved Reds have stayed true to what they represent.  And we love them for that.  Always have and always will.



  1. It’s more than a little odd that you insist upon referring to Ralph Lauren (that’s his name; he changed it long before you, or maybe even your parents, were born) as “Ralph Lifshitz.”

    • Gregg, you will surely be relieved to note the author’s referral to Ralph LAUREN on the “About” page.

  2. I have no association with the island, but I wear reds — am I an imposter? Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.